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Cow Ghee

Get in touch with us for obtaining high quality Cow Ghee as we are a dependable supplier in the town. With diligence, hard work and dedication, we have worked our way up and become established provider in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). We are reckoned as one of the reliable Cow Ghee Exporters in the entire industry. We claim it with full pride that we are the best Pure Cow Ghee Exporters for the entire world. For those of you who love to add a desi touch to your food, we are now Desi Cow Ghee Exporters as well. So, get in touch with us at the soonest to make full use of this opportunity that is offered to you by us.


We offer good quality pure cow ghee butter 100% product characteristics

  • Milk fat min. 99.8%
  • Moisture max. 0.2%
  • Typical melting point 32-34oc


Benefits :

  • Natural and versatile ingredient
  • Delicious flavour and taste
  • Extended microbiological shelf life compared to butter
  • Salt-free, lactose-free alternative to hydrogenated cooking oils
  • Great source of vitamins a, d, e and k


Applications :

  • Sweets and pastries (bakhlava)
  • Frying, cooking and baking (meat, fish, vegetables and sweet preparations)pure premium cow ghee
  • This is 100% pure premium cow ghee. This ghee has been prepared from indigenous & grass feed cows only. This is prepared by traditional hand churned method. No machines and no chemical used.
  • Other than edible purpose, this ghee is also used for ayurvedic, divine and traditional activities. Pure ghee is good for health.
  • This ghee is made fresh every week based on the orders that we receive.

Additional Information

Min. Order Quantity 10 Ton
Payment Terms L/C, T/T
Delivery Time 10days
Packaging Details Small food grade cans of 1 lb up to 2 kg
Square-sized food grade cans of 15 kgs up to 21 kg
Food grade drums of 200 kg net
Or Buyers Choice